San Francisco seminar 2000

Devoted Buddhist Monk
Ji Ming Fa See
Los Angeles California.

Sincere friend
Sifu Steve Martin
from San Diego California Southern Dragon Gungfu

Class of 2005 ish,

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Class of 2003 ish,
Kung Fu
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The name of my school is Southern Shao Lin Hung Kuen Gung Fu School. My purpose is to retain and pass on the sacred features of this living art. Our ancestors passed this knowledge to Great Grandmaster Lam Jo, who passed it to his oldest son Grandmaster Lam Chun Fai, who, in turn passed in on to me. Grandmaster Lam Chun Fai, and his father Great Grandmaster Lam Jo taught me to understand this practice. My goal is to promote the preservation and transmission of the philosophy, concepts, and correct physical training as precisely as possible. Another goal is to preserve the wisdom and regulations that is readily apparent to arrive at an understanding of the essence that was left to us from the wisdom of our ancestors.

As a teacher my responsibility is to clarify my students' path along the road to deep understanding. Another concern is to provide a well-defined path of intense study with no ambiguity. The endeavor to preserve the essence of the original teachings, free from personal interpretations, with specific regulated guidelines and to keep and precisely follow the order and logistics of the Lam family Hung Kuen organization is the goal of the school.

I desire to promote and provide interest, love, and correct practice to enable an individual to attain and enhance the level of Hung Kuen achievement. My teaching is based on simplicity and regard for specificity to ensure that the next generation can understand what we are doing. This simplicity means a single-minded devotion to our path without complications. In other words, the focal point of our teaching is the original curriculum of the Lam family Hung Kuen Tiger and Crane.

My school also strives to instill in our students an understanding of human nature from the Zen (or Chan) point of view. We pursue personal excellence spiritually and martially. We learn to temper our pride with humility and fortify our confidence. We must follow the virtuous example of Hung Hay Goon from the Fujian Shaolin Buddhist sect. Honor and virtue are the bases of my school. This is what I believe and teach.