History, Lineage and Philosophy

Before continuing on, please enjoy a moment of silence to honor and show respect for our spiritual ancestors (JU XIAN) of the Shaolin tradition, many of whom lost their lives during the dangerous period when the Ching Dynasty was replacing the Ming Dynasty.

This power struggle spearheaded the development of Hung Kuen. During the early stages, important Abbots and skillful monks played an important role in consolidating and passing the skill and history to Hung Hee Goon (or Hung Xi Guan). This art of old Shaolin became Hung Kuen (Hung Fist) in honor of his surname. One of the most revered Abbots at the Fujian Shaolin temple,
Jee Seen Sim See taught Hung Hay Goon, one of the "five elders". The art was passed to the next generation to Look Ah Choy, then to the Wong family, the most prominent member being doctor and herbalist Wong Fe Hung. Lam Sai Wing, who taught Great Grandmaster Lam Jo, currently 96 years of age, first brought it to the public. The direct heir to the lineage is Grandmaster "Anthony" Lam Chun Fai, eldest son then to his brothers and sisters.

Possessing the rich tradition of Hung Kuen, the Lam family is the authentic caretakers of the ancestral knowledge embedded in the Tiger and Crane systems.

We intend this greeting for all readers and practitioners of the martial traditional wherever they reside, and to our fellow Hung Kuen devotees internationally. We applaud the efforts of those focused on the concepts and preservation of Hung Kuen. Our lineages are bonded together by the Oneness of the surname Hung.

Hung Hay Goon (Cantonese) or Hung Xi Guan (Mandarin) wanted to unify China and preserve the Ming Dynasty. His root concept was Oneness, the basis of energy. The movement of this energy is presently advancing to a global network of integration, weaving a tapestry of "Hung" relatives.

To those deeply serious about committing to practicing our concept of pugilism, we share the values of developing our infinite energies to fill our emptiness. We wish to solidify our wisdom and integrate our understanding with physical dexterity and grace, guided by mental and spiritual consciousness.

This is our living treasure, preserved in the Shao Lin skill of Southern Fist. The warrior monk, Hung Hay Goon, passed on values of integrity and spiritual understanding of Shaolin virtues and precepts forward. He set out to defend the Ming Dynasty and his accomplishments and integrity withstand the test of time to honor the source of energy that bears his name today. We honor his warrior spirit and insights in the fields of humanity and politics. We must follow his example of right concepts, right thinking, and right action, there by raising our spiritual consciousness and granting us wisdom. We must, though difficult, balance our spirituality with our marital skills and develop a virtuous humanity.